Frequent Player Program

Players get Frequent Player Points (FPP)  by entering and playing in Pat's Games tournaments.  These points can then be redeemed for merchandise or entry into special FPP Tournaments.

How many points do I get?

Players get 100 points per tournament.  On Fridays, we award "double points" or 200 points per tournament.  Other events, such as pre-releases or PPTQ's may offer more points (the number of points will be announced when the tournament information is posted).

How many points do I have and how do I redeem them?

Logan or Charles can redeem points for your FPP item.  You can see how many points you have and what items you are eligible for in your Pat's Games System under the "My Account" tab.  You will need to add your DCI number to your account information to access this information.

Can I redeem FPP for cash?  Can I buy more FPP?

Sorry, no.  The FPP's can only be earned by playing in tournaments at Pat's Games.  They can only be used for FPP items subject to availability.  We will keep the FPP item list fresh,  it may change without notice.

What about these FPP tournaments?

The FPP tournaments will be special tournaments that can only be entered using FPP.  These will not be Wizards sanctioned since these are invitation only tournaments.  These touranments will require preregistration and the number of FPP a tournament costs and the prizes will be announced at that time.

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