Selling Cards to Pat’s Games

Selling Cards to Pat’s Games


Pat’s Games customers may now submit trade-in orders and mail the cards to the store.  We will verify the condition and make any necessary adjustments. Once all is agreed to, we will either credit your store account (a 20% premium will be added), deposit the funds to your PayPal account or send you a check.  Please read through this entire document to ensure you understand the terms and conditions of trading in cards.  

How to Sell Us Cards

Here is the basic process:

1. You create a “trade-in” order using the Pat’s Games Order System.  Please make sure your order contains ONLY trades.

2. Using the Order message feature, please indicate how you want to be paid:

    • Store Credit
    • PayPal - please include your email
    • Check - please include your mailing address

3. Submit your order as usual.

4. We will review the trade-in order and verify we still want the cards at the stated price.  It is possible that we have already received trade-ins for a particular card and no longer need it.  We will message you indicating that it is ok to ship us the cards with any exceptions as noted. We will inform you within 48 hours of receiving your trade-in order.

5. You mail us the cards:

    • Mail the cards to:

Pat’s Games

Attn: Buyer

2308 Hancock Drive

Austin, TX


    • Please include a print out of the order to facilitate processing
    • Please make sure the cards are in the same order as listed on the trade-in order print out.
    • Please send us the cards within 2 business days of receiving the approval in step 4, above.
    • Please make sure the cards are packaged appropriately.  Do NOT sleeve cards that are below $10.00.
    • You are responsible for any tracking and/or insurance.

6. When we receive the cards, we will verify the condition of the cards.  The posted buy prices assume the cards are in Near Mint - Mint condition and we will make adjustments accordingly.  Our condition guide may be found here.

    • If adjustments need to be made, we will message you through the system. Please respond within 24 hours, otherwise we reserve the right to cancel the order and send back the cards.  
    • If we cannot agree on a card’s condition or price, we will return the card within 2 business days.  Note that we may accept a partial order and pay you as described below.

7. Once the card conditions have been verified, and any adjustments agreed to, we will pay you per your instructions within 2 business days.  

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