Store Credit And Customer Loyalty Credit

Store Credit Coins

Store Coins

Pat's Games coins can be purchased at the front desk.  We have $3 and $6 coins.  These coins can be used to trade with other players.  They can be used to pay tournament entry fees and to buy any merchandise we have in the store.

Buy our coins for presents to give your fellow magic players. These coins have made it all over the world. 

You can purchase anything in our store that we sell for Pat's Games Coins.

What is this 'Store Credit' all about?
Each customer has a store credit amount tied directly to their customer account record.  We add to the store credit when:

  1. The customer trades in cards and wants credit rather than cash - customers get a 20% premium on the trades.
  2. We issue the Loyalty Program credits at the end of the month.  Customers typically get 3% credit for their qualifying purchases as long as they have spent more than $50.  The amounts and threshold may change without notice.

A customer can use the store credit to purchase items from Pat’s Games.  A new feature in the online system allows the customer to specify that he or she wants to use store credit on a purchase when submitting the ‘deckbox to Pat.’

Additionally, store credit does not expire - the Loyalty Program credits currently expire after 30 days, so this is better for the customers.

Gift Certificates have a cool usage history feature.

 A customer will be able to view all the activity related to their store credit when they are signed in.

Can I cash out my store credit?
Sorry, no.  Remember that your store credit includes the 20% premium for cards traded in and the Loyalty Program bonus. Those are intended to keep you shopping at Pat’s Games.

Can I use my store credit for tournament entry?
Yes, just as you use gift certificates for tournament entries.  This is being worked on right now.

Can I use my store credit for event pre-registrations and pre-orders.


Can I collect my tournament winnings as store credit?  Those coins are getting heavy!
Yes, again that is a manual process.  Note to Jim - make sure we have a quick and easy way to do this.

Can I trade in coins for store credit?
Yes, again this is a manual process on the staff’s part.  [Coins should be in mint condition 🙂 ]

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