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  • Look up the current wording of a card
  • Find cards of a given color or creature type for your theme deck
  • Search for cards illustrated by your favorite artist
  • Determine format legality of any card
  • Track the various printings of a card
  • Search all Magic flavor text
  • Get an export of the Oracle for a given format
  • Get suggestions for your decks/similar cards.

An Interview With Pat

Today's episode of the Manaverse Podcast features a woman whose store is literally a castle. Pat Johnson comes on the show to talk about her aptly named store Pat's Games. Pat has a fairly unique business. Most local game stores put a lot of emphasis on the games part of the LGS acronym but Pat took her store in a more focused direction. Pat's Games is specialized exclusively on Magic and she's crushing it.

We talk about how Pat's Games went from Beanie Babies to Magic powerhouse in Austin over the last 19 years as well as the evolution of the store property itself. In addition to Pat's fascinating story we go over building a Magic community, how custom software can change the way you do business, how to run massive Magic tournaments effectively, choosing a USP for your store, and so much more.

If you want insight into one of the most successful Magic businesses in the southern US, this episode is one you should absolutely check out.

Free Tournament $500 Cash Prizes.
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We have capped this tournament at 64 players. The top 8 will do a second draft. We will have free pizza. Thank you for playing at Pat's Games. Sign up at the front register.

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Pat's Games Core Set 2019 Prerelease Is Open For Preregistration.

Our last prerelease completely sold out.  We have the best prerelease prizes,  $5000 in Prizes.

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